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What Is Fake Junk Food And Does It Really Help Your Health?


One of the biggest catch phrases in the media right now is “fake news,” so it’s fitting that there is also something called “fake junk food.” Fake junk food is food that resembles your favorite junk food, but doesn’t contain all the bad things that your body doesn’t need.

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Things that will make you feel less guilty about eating desserts


If you think that eating healthy means cutting out dessert from your diet altogether, you are wrong. Desserts often get a bad rap, but they aren’t all bad for you. Outside of the calorie count and the simple sugars they contain, they do provide some health benefits. Before you ditch your sweet tooth, consider these seven benefits to your health.

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How to Maintain and Clean Your Barbeque Properly

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The barbeque is an essential backyard item for most households, particularly in the summer months. There are large industrial grills, family-sized backyard grills, or even portable grills for easy travelling. Whatever your preference might be though, the barbeque needs to be looked after if it’s going to be able to deliver the best food for you and your guests. Below are some simple ways to maintain and clean your barbeque properly.

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How to Make the Perfect Montreal Smoked Meat

The perfect smoked meat starts with the right blend of Montreal steak seasoning rub. Without it, you’ve just got plain old smoked meat. Montreal steak seasoning was invented by a Schwartz broiler man known as Morris Sherman back in the 1940’s. The unique blend of Eastern European, Romanian, and Jewish spices soon caught on and the Montreal meat rub was born. The following recipe is inspired by the General Manager of Brewburger, Stephen Warren. It is an adaptation scaled down for the perfect smoked meat in Montreal homes.

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