Decorate you man cave

With the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond film and the opening of “Skyfall,” the interest in James Bond memorabilia is definitely back, and it offers some cool ideas for decorating your man cave. The whole idea of a man cave has evolved, as many of them have wet bar or are located next to the grilling area, so in terms of food many guys have evolved beyond simple beer and chips. We’re also focusing on some bold furniture ideas as well to go along with the massive flat screen TV that’s a must in all of these rooms. Throw in a pool table and you’re making real progress.

But you want to add some character as well, and posters can go a long way here. Check out the classic “Goldfinger” movie poster above. A collection of classic James Bond movie posters properly hung after shopping for wholesale poster frames can add the final touches to your man cave, and it sets the perfect tone. Who else would appreciate the concept, even though Bond’s tastes are probably much more refined than the average guy. I guess you have to make sure your bar is properly stocked!


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