Easy Awesomeness: Trader Joe’s Bacon Wrapped Dates

You are likely getting tired of hearing me pimp Trader Joe’s, but their awesomeness became even more awesome when my wife got me a Trader Joe’s Companion Cookbook for my birthday. Then last week we got the Trader Joe’s cookbook, the bigger one. And the recipes are insanely good. We tried a few already but one that is truly great and easy is the bacon wrapped dates.

I found a link to the recipe at a gluten free website, which is interesting because we are researching a gluten free diet as a possibility for our son with autism. And hey, he loves bacon too, so maybe he would like this recipe, as picky of an eater as he is.

Seriously though, I made some of these the other day and they are as good as they look and as good as they sound. Make sure you have foil under the rack so that the grease drips down onto something disposable. And you don’t have to shop at Trader Joe’s to make these, although the dates they sell are perfect for this recipe.


Bacon Week is coming

I think I’ve been talking about this for as long as I’ve been writing about food–having a Bacon Week. I think it is time, and I think the time is next week. It will be all bacon, all the time, and we’ll have recipes, ideas, man-love or other random thoughts revolving around our favorite part of the pig.

Last month some of Mrs. Mikey’s relatives came to visit, and being Jewish, her uncle told me that he’d never had bacon in his life. I realize that a large portion of the population has not because of religious beliefs, being vegetarian, or because their doctors won’t allow them to eat something with that sort of fat content. But I felt very sad for him at that very time, and I think that those of us who have come to love and appreciate the taste of bacon would feel the same way.

Heck, even Mikey Junior (not his real name) loves bacon, and he’s four years old. True story, I asked him today what he wanted for lunch. He walks to the fridge, opens the meat drawer and hands me the package of bacon. That’s my boy. Anyway, stay with us and buckle in your bacon belts! (yeah, I just said that).


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