Re-post of an interview with Guy Fieri

I had the pleasure of interviewing Food Network superstar Guy Fieri a couple years back and he was just the nicest guy. Here is a re-post of that interview on Enjoy!

You can’t really rise to stardom any quicker than Food Network personality Guy Fieri. After winning season 2 of “The Next Food Network Star” a couple years back, Fieri has hosted or is hosting several shows on the network, and has become arguably its most popular and marketable personality. Fieri also released his first book, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” the companion book to his most popular show. We had the chance to catch up with Fieri recently to talk about his incredible rise to fame, his book, and his shows. This is a guy who loves his job, and he’s managed to stay remarkably humble through it all.

Guy Fieri: Hey Mike, what’s up, man?

Bullz-Eye: Hey Guy. How are you?

GF: I’ve got a little bit of a frog in my voice but I’m here.

BE: Are you under the weather or just…

GF: Ah no. I talked my ear off. I talk everybody’s ear off at the Super Bowl. I’m kind of reeling in that a bit.

BE: Right on.

GF: But I’m good to go, brother! I’m good to go. What’s up?

BE: Sounds good, man. So I love your shows. I love your book. And I’m really glad that we have the chance to talk to you.

GF: You have great taste.

BE: (laughs) Right on.

GF: (laughs)

BE: So how do you balance it all with three top shows on Food Network, five restaurants, and a family?

GF: It really starts with being surrounded by a bunch of great people. With my restaurants, fortunately I have a really good business partner, a guy named Steve Gruber. Steve and I were doing restaurants way before the Food Network opportunities came about. But it’s the people inside of my company that make it all so possible. Then on top of it to be blessed with a great wife and a good Mom and Dad and a lot of people around me. So really it all comes down to, honestly, just having good people supporting what I’m doing. It’s not by any means easy. The thing I have to be willing to do is work…..I think I’m the one that is going to actually copyright the term “25/8.” You ever hear of the term “25/8?” It’s the cousin of “24/7.” I have to go “25/8.”

BE: I can imagine.

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