Product Review: The Biggest Loser Meal Plans

You’ve probably seen the commercials and ads online for The Biggest Loser Meal Plans, by eDiets. The TV show on NBC of the same name has been wildly successful, in part because of the fact that our country is dealing with a horrible epidemic of obesity; and in part because it’s just a brilliant premise for a reality show.

But while I do blog about the show for Premium Hollywood, I’m no nutritionist, so keep that in mind when reading my review of the Biggest Loser Meal Plan samples that were sent to me. I’m going to go light on the nuts and bolts of nutrition information, and heavy on how this stuff tastes and how it made me feel afterward.

The cooler they sent me had 15 meals–five days’ worth of breakfasts, lunches and dinners–and a box of five snacks. The instructions are to refrigerate immediately, or if you’re not going to eat them within 7-10 days, to freeze the meals.

The breakfasts included panckakes with egg whites and blueberry-apple compote (the pancakes were crumbly and egg whites rubbery, but I could have eaten a whole bowl of the blueberry-flavored apple slice); a Southwestern egg and cheese burrito (the tortilla held up remarkably and the burrito as a whole was tasty but could have used more cheese—perhaps that’s why they call it a “diet”); and the spinach and cheese frittata more resembled an “egg loaf,” and it came with some really tasty sweet potato hash.

The lunches included oven roasted turkey and gravy with cranberry-walnut rice and a jerk-rubbed pork loin with bourbon espresso sauce. Both of those featured meat that was thinly sliced and tender, and the dishes as a whole were delicious and did not taste like diet food. The chicken pesto pita was good except for a grisly chicken piece or two, and came with a bright three-bean salad. The tuna salad wrap unfortunately was soggy upon opening, and the edamame it was served with did not taste fresh.

Among the dinners were a few real winners—the Asian chicken with black bean pesto and sugar snap peas; and Tex-mex chicken with black beans, corn and salsa. The chicken meatloaf was also tasty and the Cuban style pork sandwich was nicely intact, but the quinoa salad it came with was not.

In the snack box were items such as cookies, chips and popcorn—healthier versions than what you’d buy in the store, but also small enough portions so that you won’t over-indulge. In fact, that’s the point of meals like this—you eat these, snack sensibly and drink lots of water, on top of exercising properly, and you should lose weight. The portions are small, but so are meals like Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones—and that’s because portion control is as big a problem as any when it comes to obesity.

But a funny thing happens when you eat these meals, too—you feel full for hours afterward. And for that reason alone, these Biggest Loser Meal Plans have done their job. For more information on the diets, please visit


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