Mother’s Day strawberry salad

Guys….Sunday is Mother’s Day, so make sure you have a card en route or that you are planning something for your mom, grandma, or, of course, your wife and mother of your kids. We live back in the north now, but when we lived in Nashville May was strawberry season, so we would go pick them on Mother’s Day. We should have our strawberries in June, but if you like anywhere in the south or in a warm climate like California, or even if you don’t mind grocery store strawberries, this is a great brunch or lunch recipe for your lady(ies). Enjoy and hopefully said ladies will also enjoy….

Mother’s Day Strawberry Salad (serves 2)
4 cups chopped lettuce
1 cup sliced strawberries
4 oz. Turkey lunch meat
¼ cup feta cheese
sliced pickled sweet/hot jalapenos (optional)

2 tbsp. Strawberry preserves
2 tbsp. Olive oil
1 tbsp. Balsamic or red wine vinegar
2 tsp. Lemon juice
dash of salt and pepper

Combine all salad ingredients. Whisk together dressing and pour evenly over salad.


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