Welcome to my kitchen

Hey folks.  I’m Mikey, aka the dude bringing you Mikey’s Kitchen, part of the awesome and Black Mountain Publishing family. 

This site is geared toward guys, but that doesn’t mean only dudes are welcome.  And we’ll have lots of cool stuff going on–recipes, product reviews, gadget reviews, chef interviews, food-related TV show reviews and coverage, tailgating ideas….well, I have so many ideas spinning around in my head, so we’ll start by sharing some of the content from Bullz-Eye’s Grub for Guys that I’ve posted and also some of the reviews I’ve done on the Bullz-Eye blog.

I have at least on chef interview planned, and I’ve got ideas such as “A Can A Week,” in which we’ll review one canned food item per week. 

So sit back, and let us bring you all things food as they pertain to dudes.  Feel free to crack open a cold one while you read and while we get the Mikey’s Kitchen train rolling.  Thanks in advance for hanging with us.


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