Cheesy Garlic Bread? Really?

Chef JimRemember back in March when we wrote about the Lay’s Potato Chips contest called “Do Us a Flavor?”

Well, last month they announced the winner, Cheesy Garlic Bread, submitted by Karen Weber-Mendham of Wisconsin. I live in Wisconsin, and I love cheese, but this one was my least favorite of the three. I’m not sure who came in second and third, but I liked the Chicken & Waffle the best, followed by the Sriracha. Oh well, I guess in the end most of the country is more likely to opt for a flavor that is classic and a tad more common and old school of an idea. And that’s okay. Or maybe those folks genuinely liked the Cheesy Garlic Bread the best, and that’s okay too.

But the reality that I’d never get to have those Chicken & Waffle chips again kind of bummed me out. Have no fear, the Frito-Lay publicist told me, however. She sent me a bag of the Chicken & Waffles (as well as two more bags of Cheesy Garlic Bread…ha!), and told me the other two flavors might be making an appearance on shelves for a limited time this summer. Lay’s sure has the marketing to this down, because in the end they may satisfy all palates with this contest.

And I’m already thinking about a flavor I could submit next year. How about you? What are your flavor ideas?


Product review: Ruffles molten hot wings

Chef JimIt’s amazing how many products there are now with Buffalo wing flavor. Not only have we become a nation transfixed on Buffalo chicken wings, but we just love that addictive spicy red pepper flavor. Many of us, myself included, could survive on a diet of beer and wings, or anything and Buffalo wing sauce.

The latest such product is Ruffles potato chips–Molten Hot Wings flavor. I love Ruffles and I’m not saying that so that they will ship me free product (though I wouldn’t turn it away). But this new flavor is just amazing. It’s not wimpy on the Buffalo wing flavor–in fact, it’s called “molten” because they are about a 7 out of 10 on the heat scale–at least the heat scale for the average person who likes spicy food. And the good thing is they are not too spicy so that they will overpower your sandwich, but maybe spicy enough so that you don’t have to share with your significant other who may not like spicy fare.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of either chips or wings, you HAVE to check these chips out…and be sure to let me know what you think!


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